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Book Design
Professionally produced books of the highest quality

$240 was the cost to produce this book –
from manuscript to print-ready PDF file, including cover.

Professional help
from start to finish.
We understand!

Text design & layout.
Cover design.
We don't use templates. Each job is unique.

Novels, self-help, business, text books, memoirs, histories, art books, non-fiction, etc.

Print-ready PDF files
for CreateSpace, Lightning Source and
all other printers.

E-books for Kindle
and other e-readers.

Set up distribution channels with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.

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Cover Design
Text layout
Print file prep

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I can help you achieve your publishing goals by providing all the design
and layout services you will need - from manuscript to completed books.

My satisfaction comes from hearing clients say they are more than satisfied.
Here's what some of them have said:

bullet "What a pleasure dealing with a true professional. Your suggestions are all great...
" David Lieberman, Ph.D (Lakewood, NJ) "You Can Read Anyone"

bullet "Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work on both the Saw Trades and the Literacy book projects. I know that I'm now asking you to do a ton more things than what we originally wanted, but based on what we've seen of your work, I expect there will be even more."
Dennis Anderson - Centre for Curriculum and Technology Training

bullet "The Gizeh Gazette won first prize in North America Shrine Temples. The Gazette is now displayed in the publications room of the International HQ. I want to thank you for your great effort and creativity. You have done a great job." Dick Melville (Tampa, FL) "Gizeh Gazette"

bullet "This is an excerpt from a letter I received today... a distant cousin in California, who ordered one copy of Shack Island: "Your jim-dandy book...I took a fast look through it and it looks like a real gem. In my working days, I was a Master Printer (hard compositor, layout, press lockup re the pages and assembled books for printing from cover to cover. Then, I went to JPL and was the Asst. Editor where I did all the proofreading for all the Ph.D's. and space scientists; all pertinent documents came through me. My point being that your book is very well laid out and is a 1st class piece of beautiful work.' Well, Jim I believe the compliment must be passed along to you!" Ruth Matson (Nanaimo, BC) "Shack Island"

bullet "Thanks, Jim. I'll copy my wife on this in case she wants to consider working with you. She knows how impressed I am with your responsiveness, effective communication and professionalism."
Ed Oakley (Denver, CO) "Leadership Made Simple"

bullet "Thank you for the drafts. I glanced at them, and they look BEAUTIFUL! I love how you created the A to look almost 3-D. And the interior design is beautiful as well. I love the type face you chose for the chapter headings. I’ll proof the book and cover and get back to you in a few days with comments. Thanks--you have created another beautiful book for me!"
Wayne Josephson, (Charlottesville, VA) Readable Classics Publishing
bullet "Thanks, Jim, for the beautiful, beautiful work. Your final design is impeccable and it was a true pleasure to work with you!" Jonette Crowley (Denver, CO), "The Eagle and The Condor" Winner of the 2007 COVR Book Award!, Finalist in the National BEST BOOKS 2007 Award!, Writer's Digest judge: "Of all the New Age books, this was the most compelling."
bullet "Thank you for doing such a great job on the book and as "agent" in having the book accepted by the New York publishing house. If I run into any more ambitious writers, I will heartily recommend you to them." Dr. Ruth Levitsky "Concepts of God"

bullet "The town history book was a huge success, with many positive comments on the design and layout. It was not uncommon to have people come back and purchase multiple books after viewing their original. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but your work really impressed them, and contributed greatly to having a complete sell-out of the order.
The ebook edition has had nothing but rave reviews in a limited test release and we'll be offering it to the public very soon.
It's been a pleasure working with you over the past couple years and I would recommend your services to anyone wandering in the maze of self-publishing. Please don't hesitate to use us for reference purposes if the need arises."
Ron Sereda - Rolling Hills History Book

bullet "Outstanding job on the book cover - front and back; and I love the inside format - it provides for a very easy read."
Daryl Green (Knoxville, TN) "More Than A Conqueror"

bullet "I learned yesterday that my book was accepted by School District 63. The District School Superintendent told me he thought the book was 'marvellous' and said that he planned to present it to his secondary principals. Here is what the Programs Coordinator had to say, 'I think the book is excellent. I like the "clean" layout, lots of white space so not intimidating for users. Our students tend to be averse to text-heavy material. The contents are nicely packaged, in short, digestible pieces.'"
Ron Rothney (Victoria, BC) "The ABCs of English Grammar"

bullet "How does one say thanks for a work so well done? Thanks, again and again." Cpt. Alex Kane (Honolulu, HI)
"Now, That's Livin'!"

bullet "Hi Jim~ got the file. sent it off to London. everything’s a “go”.  Thank you so much for your excellent work. Look forward to sending you Vol. 2 soon (and all subsequent volumes in the future). It’s been a pleasure. I would certainly be up for writing you a stellar “review” if you have such a spot on your website. " Margo Fisher (Bryn Mawr, PA) "Boomer Angst" 

bullet "Many thanks for the excellent work on the book. Bill Husion of Husion House Distributing praised it as 'an excellent job of packaging." David Hill  "To The Brink"

bullet "Jim, Thanks for your clear and systematic communications. Thank you also for your thoughtfulness. This is a superb design. Not only did you do what I asked for, but you pro-actively proposed ideas; solutions which were great for this project. I look forward to an ongoing association."
Dr. Mimi Tardieu (New York, NY) "The Elements of Size" 

bullet "Mr. Dan Soucoup of Nimbus Publishing looked at my book, and at first glance I could see he was very impressed. He said the photos and concept were excellent. The cover and the paper used were of the highest standard. Thank you."
Elsie Millington (Halifax, NS) "Purcell's Cove"

bullet "You have managed to make the book look better than I ever imagined. Great job!" Don Finlay - Min. of Environment, BC

bullet "I have already thanked you orally several times for all your help in guiding Bob and me through the publication of our book. However, it seems to me there should be permanent written record of how grateful we are. So, here it is. Many thanks for helping this novice through the various stages of layout, illustration selection, paper and page size choice, and printing of the book. You were always very professional, creative, skilled, and confident in dealing with us. You were also quietly insistent on doing things 'right' and I am very grateful for that. We're very proud of the book and it is achieving the expected level of popularity at Royal Colwood. The author gets most of the accolades at this stage but this one knows very well how much Jim Bisakowski contributed." John Ronald (Victoria, BC)
"Royal Colwood Golf Club - The First 90 Years"

bullet "Thanks for the design and layout work on the CBC Host Broadcaster's Handbook for the XV Commonwealth Games. International broadcasters were unanimous in commenting favourably on the style, content and quality."
Ron Devion-CBC (Ottawa, ON)

bullet "I love the book cover, and the interior design is awesome. I assure you that I’ll be keeping you busy with future works to come. By the way, do you do illustrations for children books? I have several children books in which I’m prepared to start on text layout, cover design, and illustrations. Again, you are FANTASTIC!"
D. Allen Miller (Florissant, MO) "Staggering Heights" 

bullet "I much appreciate all the fine help you gave me along the way. I never could have done it by myself."
Betty Eckgren  "A Changed Man"

bullet I have been hearing good responses from readers all over the country, including a priest in Brazil. Men in particular seem to like it. The formatting for the Kindle worked out beautifully and I so appreciated you doing that for me. Do you have a place on your web site where clients post comments about working with you? If so, I would be happy to express my pleasure with our working partnership and the finished book. Regardless, I am so proud of how handsome the book turned out and I am so deeply appreciative. Diana Robinson Cohen (San Francisco, CA) "Making Limonada"

bullet "The book is nicely produced, with a very professional cover illustration, worthy of the thriller genre."
Tracy O'Hara-TC book reviewer (Victoria, BC)

bullet "Thanks for help, friendship and a wonderful job"
Joan Goddard  "A Window on Whaling"

bullet "Jim, just wanted to let you know that Hay's Daze won a Bronze Award for Humour at the Independent Publishers Book Awards in New York City. Thanks for your great work that no doubt caught the judges' eyes!" Harley Hay "Hay's Daze"

bullet "I have enjoyed working with you, and would like to thank you for your advice, and help in getting my book into print. The book form that you chose for the presentation of the story has been widely praised as attractive, and easy to read. It is a reflection of your expertise from the front cover to the last page. And, I thank you for the excellent work that you have done. I don't know how it may come about, but I hope that we have a chance to work together again."
Waite Brooks (Victoria, BC) "A Midshipman's Story"

bullet "I can never thank you enough for your patience and assistance in producing the top quality product represented by my book. Very professional in every aspect as all to date have commented. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated."
Larry Gray "A Heritage Gem"

bullet "Just a brief note to say thank you for a great job. I got my proof copy from LS yesterday and it looks really great. The photos were excellent! Many thanks again."
Tony Maxwell (Red Deer, AB)

bullet "When my usual designer was too busy to create the cover for my latest book, Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors, I had to find someone else in a hurry. A writer-colleague recommended you. Not only was the cover you designed simply stunning, you were fast! You also incorporated my company colours, supplied the bar-code, and listened closely to my needs. I now highly recommend your services as often as I can to my fellow writers and participants in my writing and publishing courses." Julie H. Ferguson Vancouver, BC)  "Book Magic"

bullet "Bob, have a look at Jim Bisakowski's site - it helpfully spells out the publishing process, the pitfalls, the services he provides, and what is included in some sample cost estimates. He did all my books, from design, including cover and layout (careful to get all the illustrations in the right place) to comparing printing costs and preparing copy for printers. I find him great to work with, he has a genuine interest in the work, and 'goes the extra mile' to produce a really professional looking book. Also, he works with authors all along the way." Maureen Duffus (Victoria, BC)

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