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What we do. Step-by-step process: how to get your book from manuscript to printed book. Estimate your costs by finding a book similar to yours.
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1040 Springboard Place
Victoria, BC    V9B 3E1

Jim Bisakowski
Phone: (250) 478-5111

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Victoria Harbour

Get A Free Estimate

m ost publishing projects are unique and costs can vary
substantially. Our fees are based on $75/hr. See this link for payment methods.

If you would like a free cost estimate for your self-publishing book project, e-mail the details and I'll get back to you that day or the next.

For your guidance and to help me better estimate the cost, some items that have a bearing on costs are listed below. You can copy this text and place it directly into your email.

Canoe on lake
  1. What is your book about?      

  2. Approximately how many pages?      

  3. What is the physical size of your book?      

  4. Inside pages - color or all black ink?    

  5. Inside paper color - (white, crême, ?)

  6. Cover - soft paperback or hard cover (with
    dust jacket or case laminate)?

  7. Do you have a cover design in mind?      

  8. Photos or illustrations supplied? How many?      

  9. Any charts, tables or graphs? How many?      

  10. Will it have an index, bibliography, footnotes,
    endnotes, or glossary?      

  11. Will all text be supplied as an electronic file?      

  12. Will the file be provided in MS Word using
    Word's paragraph styles feature?      

  13. Do you plan also to produce it as an e-book?      

  14. When would you like the finished product?      

  15. Who will be printing your book?

  16. How many copies do you plan to print?

  17. What is the ISBN?

  18. What price will you want on the back cover?     

  19. Where are you?     

Send Big Files

Sending files as attachments to your emails is probably the easiest way to upload files to, but if you have very big files that your e-mail server can't handle (bigger than 15MB - 20MB), you may want to use the easy and free smash file transfer service. It will accept individual files as well as folders.

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