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When Does a Publication Need a New ISBN?

A new ISBN is needed for

  • Revised editions
  • New type settings
  • New format or binding
  • New title
  • Revised contents
  • Enlarged editions
  • Inclusion in a series
  • New publisher
  • New language editions

No new ISBN is needed for

  • Changes in price
  • Change of printing year
  • Correction of misprints
  • New cover picture
  • Change of printer

A separate ISBN shall be assigned to each separate monographic publication or separate edition of a monographic publication issued by a publisher. Different product forms of a publication (for example, hardback, paperback, Braille, online electronic publication) require separate ISBNs. Where electronic publications are made available in different formats (e.g., PDF, HTML, RTF ), each separately available format shall be assigned a unique ISBN.

A change to the price, printing year or the correction of misprints does not require a separate ISBN. A new ISBN is needed for a new title, revised contents, new format or binding, new publisher, enlarged editions, new typesettings and inclusion in a series. A separate ISBN shall be assigned to a facsimile reprint when it is produced by another publisher or republished under the imprint of a different publisher. A separate ISBN shall be assigned to each different language edition of a monographic publication.

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